Suzuki S-Cross Review (2022) | Autocar

Small manufacturers are bringing some welcome diversity to the automotive scene. Unable to compete with the big players, they find and fill their niches, often in creative ways. Think of the quirky Daihatsu Cobain, Subaru’s homologation boom of the ’90s, the persevering Morgan with ash tyres, or Mazda’s compression-ignited petrol engine. Even if it’s not … Read more

Details about Google’s recent Medic update

In early August, Google released a major algorithm update and many sites experienced huge fluctuations in visibility and website traffic. Now that the dust has settled and experts have time to analyze what has changed, we’re here with a video of Wednesday’s workshop explaining the update. Watch and learn what Google has changed, how it’s … Read more

How to optimize WordPress blog posts

Blogging is no longer a luxury addition, it has become an absolute must for every agency. We get a lot of questions from merchants who want to know how to improve their blog posts, so this week we’re here to help! Watch the Wednesday video of this week’s workshop to learn how to use the … Read more

New 2022 Ford Mondeo revealed as sleek China-only saloon

Furthermore, the new Mondeo features a curved hood, large wheelhouses with wheels up to 19 inches in diameter, structured wings with flush fit door handles, a coupe-style roofline in a contrasting color to the rest of the bodywork and, like the Evos, featuring stripes inside The rear of the rear doors and rear quarter panels. … Read more

How the Importance of Backlinks Has Changed

Most of you know that backlinks are important for SEO, but do you know why? If you are new to the digital space, you may not realize how important backlinks are; Or that its importance fluctuates and flows as the search algorithm is updated. Understanding what backlinks do and how their impact has changed over … Read more

Toyota unveils GR Yaris hybrid as 2022 WRC contender

Toyota has revealed its GR Yaris Rally1 World Rally competitor, which features a new hybrid setup that matches the dramatic changes for 2022 in the World Rally Championship. Powering a hybrid unit with a 3.9 kWh battery and electric motor that delivers 133 more horsepower under acceleration, Toyota’s first competitive outing is at the Monte … Read more

New 2022 Kia Niro: fresh details on all-electrified crossover

Other modifications to the Mk2 Niro include a revamped suspension setup that purports to improve response and stability, reshaping the steering to improve steering feel and improve sound throughout the bodywork. The new Niro takes great inspiration from the exotic 2019 HabaNiro concept, adopting a striking two-tone paint scheme, tough SUV-inspired design cues, and a … Read more